Slate Maintenance

A slate roof will never have to be painted and is virtually maintenance free, though in the rare case where repairs are needed, tiles are easily cut to the required shape, unlike roof tiles which are not easily matched.  Slate is the most versatile roofing material, since it can be easily guillotined on site by hand and can therefore be used on all roof shapes and designs, making way for spectacular roof features, like dormer and eyebrow windows, as well as several different roofing systems, from the Conventional double overlap in which the minimum pitch is 30 degrees, to the single overlap system (Alu-maz) with a pitch of as little as 12 degrees.  Two choices of hips and ridges are also available - Mitred or Boston style (saddled) to the slate roof owner, which can provide that additional, individual finish to the elegant slate roof.

The life of a roof depends upon the resistance of the roofing material itself and the materials with which it is laid.  Slate is a natural stone which is mined from a quarry.  There are several different thicknesses of slate, therefore sortment on a roof is of vast importance.  A very important advantage of the slate roof, apart from the colour variety, is the durability of the slate, and because it is mined from a quarry the “style” never becomes obsolete or “out of stock”.   This also comes under consideration when re-roofing is necessary – the existing slate is taken off and re-used where possible and additional slate supplied where necessary, to match existing, thus being extremely cost effective.  All new roofs and reroofs are guaranteed for a period of TEN YEARS, against faulty workmanship and/or materials supplied.